About Registrations/Subs

Choose the appropriate tab under Registrations 2022 to take you to the correct online form. ​​​Please have your credit card ready to make payment at the end.

Registrations must paid in full BEFORE the playing season commences. Free use of the Sydenham Gym is available on payment in full. You will also need to upload your vaccine pass.

Senior players: If you are a new player you need to add a passport front headshot photo in playing jersey to your registration form if one has not already been/will be loaded.

Senior Men:                                                              $200 (or 4 payments of $50)
                                                                                   $230 with Sydenham gym membership

Premier Colts (players named in Colts squad)     $155 (or 4 payments of $39)​​​​​​​


Junior players: If you're a new player please provide proof of age (birth certificate / passport ID.)  These can be emailed to srfc@xtra.co.nz.  Please also add your child's weight so they are in the right grade.Your subs are vital to the financial running of Sydenham Rugby especially post Covid when our other funding sources are limited. Subs are used to provide all our teams with jackets and jerseys, cones, balls, gear bags etc, physios and trainers for senior team, food and drinks. 

​​​​​​​Juniors (U6 - U13)                                     $95

(2 children $140 | 3 children $160  |  $190 for 4+)

The Under 14 to Under 18 teams are run by Cashmere Rugby and subs are set by them. 2022 information here or register using the Cashmere Rugby tab.

If making online payment: 03-1355-0702807-00.    Your Name        Code: Sub         Reference: Team eg Div 1 ​​​​

Social Sub

If you would like to become a Sydenham Rugby social club member for $30 you can also make an internet payment to the account shown.  

Add your name and ‘social sub' in the reference tab.  A membership card will be produced with your name and you will be advised when to collect it from the office.